Contribution Release Form

***Below is the text of the release form that will be sent to you if you are interested in contributing a photograph of your nipple to Exposure Therapy to have a sticker made from it***

nipple photograph // contribution

I,  ___________________,  hereby consent on __/__/___ that the attached photograph is of my own body, and I consent for Emma Shapiro/Exposure Therapy to print and distribute stickers made from the attached photograph. 

I understand that Exposure Therapy and the associated instagram account @NIPeoPLE is an activism and art project intended to normalize the female nipple. 

My image is not pornography and is not intended to contribute to the culture of pornography.

My name or any other identifying factor will never be associated with the image I send, or the subsequent stickers produced. 

The stickers created from my image can and will be sent around the world, and can and will be placed anywhere the recipient desires.

I understand that I will not be financially compensated for my contribution to the Exposure Therapy project, but that Emma Shapiro and the Exposure Therapy project will do everything in their power to express their gratitude going forward. 

Signature: ____________________