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"9 Great Naturist Content Creators that Deserve Your Support"

by Naked Wanderings

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The Rebirth Circle Podcast

Ep 30: Censorship of the Female Body with Emma Shapiro

A discussion with host Steph Rempel about censorship, the body, and the creation of the Exposure Therapy Project

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Happy Gals Podcast

Episode 5: Nipples, Censorship, Art Modeling and The Female Gaze

A discussion about censorship, promoting female artists, and the power of a naked body. 

Foto Femme United

Interview by April Wiser

Exposure Therapy, its origins and impact

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Website created by Micol Hebron

Featured project on this kick-ass platform highlighting the fight against censorship of the female nipple. Created by the legendary activist Micol Hebron.


Exposure Therapy A Movement Toward Liberating The Female Body

article by Jessica de la Torre

High Time For Exposure Therapy

RISD XYZ magazine Sp/Su 2019

beginning page 8


Awesome Without Borders Grant #334

Awesome Foundation//Harnish Foundation

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