This project is entirely self-funded!

Any donation you make is deeply appreciated and will go straight to printing more stickers and growing the movement!

I will gratefully accept donations of ANY amount, but here's a little inspiration for you:

Donate $10 to receive the Exposure Therapy WhatsApp background with your free stickers

Donate $12 to receive an extra 8 stickers!

Donate $25 to get some stickers and Pre-Order** a "Nudity Is Not Pornography" tote bag!

Donate $35 to receive extra stickers, a special thank you in my Instagram stories, and to Pre-Order** the "Nudity Is Not Pornography" tote bag! 

Donate $100 and I'll send you all this while crying tears of joy 

(** The "Nudity Is Not Pornography" totebag is currently out of stock thanks to high demand! I will print more, and when I have them I will send them to you. In the meantime, you will get your stickers and thanks-you's separately. )

I'm Donating to Keep the Movement Going!

After you fill out the required fields and hit "Donate" you will be taken to a page to make your donation!

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