The Nipple is Just The Beginning!

Stay Tuned!


I want to expand the Exposure Therapy project to a larger discussion about how the female body is regarded in our culture. I seek to empower everyone to see the/their own female body as valuable, beautiful, and worth fighting for — no matter what.  I am currently working on the following next projects:


The Nipple Wall - An indoor/outdoor wallpaper-style installation presenting all the nipples from the “Contrib’ A Nip” campaign. 


Newsletter - A monthly/bi-monthly publication presenting the growth of the project, and interviews with like-minded artists and activists.


Panel Discussions - A series of events featuring like-minded artists and activists to discuss how censorship and sexualization effect their practice and work. 


Posters/Art Series - Collaborations with artists who use the body in their work, to present other ways to see and regard the body. 

Manifest Monday - it's live! check it out!

Follow @NIPeoPLE !

This project uses Instagram as a method of reaching and exposing new audiences to the movement, but also receives regular censorship this medium. 

Follow us here to add volume to our voice and see where in the world Exposure Therapy has reached! But the MOST important thing is to use your stickers in your hometown/travels and start the conversation in real life <3 


Hi, I'm Emma

I'm an artist and activist who uses her own body in her artwork.  

I created this project because I was fed up with my art and my body being shamed, censored and sexualized without my consent simply because of my nipples.


I believe we can change the world together. 

Learn more about me here

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